QGIS Course Material

Module 1 & 2 contain all the basic GIS information and QGIS course material needed to kick start your GIS experience.

Module 1

In this module the student is introduced to the basics of GIS.  The topics covered in this theoretical presentation, and accompanying documentation, are critical to understanding the processes and QGIS course material covered in module 2.  This presentation is aimed at the GIS novice but students familiar with GIS will find the module useful for reviewing the fundamentals of GIS.

Module 2

Although SMS prefers to customize tutorials to suit a clients specific GIS requirements there are a number of standard tutorials to choose from (listed below).  For students new to QGIS, tutorials 1 - 4 are recommended as a starting point.

  • Tutorial 1 - Getting started
  • Tutorial 2 - Creating a map
  • Tutorial 3 - Creating a Layout
  • Tutorial 4 - New Layers & Editing
  • Tutorial 5 - Geoprocessing with QGIS
  • Tutorial 6 - QGIS & Google Earth
  • Tutorial 7 - Using a cellphone GPS with QGIS & QField
  • Tutorial 8 - Animal movement & Heat Mapping
  • Tutorial 9 - Slope Analysis & 3D Modelling
  • Tutorial 10 - Interpolation & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Tutorial 11 - Visual Impact Assessment
  • Tutorial 12 - Population density - Census 2011
  • Tutorial 13 - PostgreSQL & PostGIS
  • Tutorial 14 - Online maps with Leaflet & QGIS

The tutorials listed show examples of standard QGIS course content.  Spatial Modelling Solutions taylor QGIS course material to suit a clients specific spatial requirements where possible. Please contact us should you wish to know more.

Setting up QGIS

Prior to any course we spend a small amount of time loading QGIS onto the students computers.  QGIS is a freeware GIS software solution and all setup files are freely accessible online but will also be provided by us.  QGIS can be loaded onto computers running on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems.

QGIS Course Material

All QGIS course material is included in the form of hardcopy and PDF softcopy documents. The spatial data and QGIS project files are provided digitally and stored in their respective tutorial folders in a logical folder structure.