3D Modelling & Analysis with GIS

GIS visual impact assessment

3D Modelling is one of the most powerful and impressive capabilities of a GIS. In conducting a visual impact assessment 3D Analysis gives valuable visual feedback for the possible impacts of proposed developments.

With 3D Modelling it is possible to create a digital “3D fly through” of your development and development proposals. The fly through is then exported to a video.avi file providing the medium to communicate and display ideas. These “3D fly throughs” are also powerful marketing tools.

The GIS layers applied in the 3D Analysis can also be used to create a physical terrain model by printing them on a 3D printer. The printer works by laying down alternate layers of powder and glue. The glue is only added where there is a xyz and colour value. This is repeated many times until the surface terrain or model is complete.

The advantages of 3D Printed models include novelty, durability, accuracy, transportability, they can also be previewed digitally and re-printed.